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Matcha Avocado Ice Cream - Avocado lends a luxuriously rich, creamy, and ultra smooth texture to this bittersweet ice cream. For lovers of matcha and all things green. {vegan}

Matcha Avocado Ice Cream

The first time I tasted matcha was at a Korean restaurant. The manager brought complimentary dishes of ice cream to our table. It was green, which was surprising and made us a little hesitant, so I asked what flavour it was. “Green Tea!”, he replied. None of us had ever heard of green tea ice cream before and quietly joked if it was one that should have even been made. Regardless, we gave it a try, and (at least for me) it was love at first bite!

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Cookies And Cream Ice Cream - Always a favourite! Decadent vanilla ice cream, studded with bites of chocolate cookie. {vegan}

Cookies And Cream Ice Cream

Growing up, Oreo ice cream was one of my favourite flavours! Creamy vanilla ice cream, with broken cookie pieces. Who could resist?!… My Dad, that’s who. He’s a strictly vanilla man, so Oreo ice cream was never in our freezer. But being the creative little cookie monster that I was, I would break Oreo’s over my “boring” vanilla ice cream and stir them in to get my fix. So you know it was just a matter of time until I made my own dairy-free version.
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