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Candy Coated Marshmallows

When I was a kid, my favourite candy to find in my trick-or-treat bag was chocolate covered marshmallows, the one’s that were shaped like ghosts or pumpkins. I still love that combination, which is why I can not believe that I didn’t come up with these Candy Coated Marshmallows sooner!

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Dark Chocolate and Orange Sandwich Cookies - Creamy orange frosting sandwiched between two intensely chocolate cookies. Dress them up for Halloween or leave them plain for everyday. {vegan}

Dark Chocolate and Orange Sandwich Cookies

Halloween is fast approaching! Have you chosen your costume and stocked up on candy yet?… I haven’t dressed up since I was a kid. And these days my participation ends the moment I plunk that carved pumpkin in front of the house. Then I bunker down in the basement, letting my Mom ooh and ahh over all the little ghosts and ghouls. That being said, any excuse to bake! Right?! 😉

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