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A simple, homey dessert made with fresh or frozen cherries and a soft biscuit topping. Sweetened with pure maple syrup. {vegan}

Cherry Cobbler

If you were around at the beginning of the year, you may remember my talking about all the cherries I had stashed in our freezer. We found them while cleaning out the chest freezer on New Year’s Eve (ya, we’re wild ones 😉). After stumbled upon them yet again, I decided enough was enough, and to finish them all off in one go.

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Vegan Butter Tart Bites - pastry shells with a sweet, buttery filling.

Vegan Butter Tart Bites

Canadians love their butter tarts, which is probably why they’re a Christmas staple here… I am aware, however, that outside of Canada, many people have never even heard of them! And that, my friends, is a sad thing. So in case you haven’t already met, let me introduce you to the butter tart.  Continue reading

Mint Chocolate Tart

I’m going to be honest, I’m a little nervous. After my two year hiatus, I’m having to refamiliarize myself with the WordPress program, my food photography skills are rusty, and just in general, I feel like a rookie… I wonder if this is how Guy Lafleur felt when he came out of retirement… But enough of my bellyaching, I want to show you my tart!

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