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Ginger Spiced Rice Pudding With Whiskey Raisins - A grown-up, comfort food dessert. Creamy rice pudding, spiced with a double hit of ginger, and whiskey soaked raisins. {vegan}

Ginger Spiced Rice Pudding With Whiskey Raisins

As much as I’m all about breaking down barriers, and ditching eggs and dairy, I also keep a watchful eye on desserts of the past. Can the two be combined? I believe they can… I collect old cook books (and am lucky enough to have a couple that are 70+ years old), and look to the recipes of our amazing grandmother’s and great-grandmother’s for inspiration.

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Peanut Butter Wild Bird Feed -  A vegetarian, suet style bird cake for your wild feathered friends.

Vegetarian “Suet” Cakes For Birds

I’ve wanted to share this for a while, but Christmas happened and there was way too much good stuff to share through out December, so the birdies were put on hold… Actually, this gave me time to test the formula over and over again. It’s now the most tested recipe on the blog (that’s kind of funny 😀 ), but now we know exactly what our feathered neighbours like.
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Coconut Balls, with Cranberries and Chocolate {vegan}

Coconut Bites, with Cranberries and Chocolate

Summer has arrived in full force, temperatures are rising, and (if you’re like most people I know) the last thing you want to is bake a cake, or cookies, or ANYTHING… But then there’s that nagging little itch for something sweet… What to do? What to do?

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

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