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Ginger Spiced Rice Pudding With Whiskey Raisins - A grown-up, comfort food dessert. Creamy rice pudding, spiced with a double hit of ginger, and whiskey soaked raisins. {vegan}

Ginger Spiced Rice Pudding With Whiskey Raisins

As much as I’m all about breaking down barriers, and ditching eggs and dairy, I also keep a watchful eye on desserts of the past. Can the two be combined? I believe they can… I collect old cook books (and am lucky enough to have a couple that are 70+ years old), and look to the recipes of our amazing grandmother’s and great-grandmother’s for inspiration.

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Hermit Cookie Energy Bars - A healthy snack that tastes like a cookie! Grain-free, sugar-free, and vegan.

Hermit Cookie Energy Bars (or balls)

So Dave asked me if I would make him some sort of snack for pre-workouts and to refuel him through his day at work (sometimes his job alone is a workout). He was sure to specify, that he’d like for it to be healthy, have no added sugar, and (of course) taste like a cookie… Uh-Ya… No problem:-/
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Almond & Pumpkin Seed Granola

Almond & Pumpkin Seed Granola

We stopped buying breakfast cereal a long time ago. Sure it’s convenient to just grab a bag along with your groceries, but it’s also so expensive for what you’re getting. And the truth is, making your own is ridiculously easy.
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Coffee Ice Cream Cake - Dairy free coffee ice cream and no-bake chocolate brownies come together in this decadent, grown up ice cream cake.

Coffee Ice Cream Cake

Have you noticed how summer seems to arrive earlier every year? Here in Vancouver, we’ve already had several stretched of hot weather and it’s still, technically spring. Plus officials are preparing us for a long, hot, dry, season. Yuk!… Not exactly ideal conditions for making a cake. That is, unless the cake is made from ice cream😀
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Rice Crispy Bars, with a (half) twist. Everything you love about the old favourite, but this time with subtle notes of brown sugar. {vegan & gluten-free}

Brown Sugar Rice Crispy Bars

Sometimes I want just a simple, back to basics kind of dessert. Just because it doesn’t have bling, doesn’t mean it’s boring! Know what I mean? Like vanilla ice cream, or shortbread cookies, or rice crispy squares.

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