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Coconut Milk Biscuits

I love bread. Know what I love even more… (I mean besides chocolate)… FRESH baked bread, still warm, straight from the oven. Sometimes I longingly look to bygone days of other eras, when fresh, home baked bread was a daily occurrence. It’s floury love, I tell you! Unfortunately, busy modern schedules, often leave little time for dough to rise. And that, my friends, is where biscuits step in.
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Chai Spiced Cranberry Bread

‘Twas the week after Christmas, and still in the fridge
were cranberries waiting to turn into a dish.

As usual I bought way too many cranberries for Christmas. Between baking, cranberry sauce, and jam, I use a lot of them at this time if year. So to be sure that there’s always some on hand I tent to over compensate. Oops! 🙂
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Blueberry-Lemon Loaf Cake

Today I was sifting through my food pictures, and discovered these. HaHa! I made this blueberry loaf cake three weeks ago, photographed it, and then totally forgot about the whole thing… What can I say? I’m an Aquarian, disorganization is in my stars 🙂 The important thing is, when I stumbled across the pictures I was actually able to find where I tucked my recipe and notes!
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Easy Garlic Rosemary Bread

No, your eyes have not deceive you. Today’s recipe contains no sugary goodness; it is not studded with chocolate chips, nor garnished with a mound of frosting… Not to worry, I’m sure next week things will be back to normal 😉

I’ve really been into bread lately. Sure, I love my sweets, but there’s something so inviting about fresh baked bread. The chewy texture, the yeasty flavour, it may just be the ultimate comfort food!… Now before you get all bummed about how much work it takes to make bread, let me tell you the best part. This bread requires no kneading… No seriously! Mix it in a bowl, let it do it’s thing, divide, let it rest, bake. That’s all it takes, before you too could be enjoying your own, homemade bread.

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