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Carrot Cake Cheesecake

It occurred to me that so far, all the Easter recipes that I’ve shared here have been geared towards kids… Not that there’s anything wrong with that! You’d never see me turning up my nose at bunny shaped cookies or chocolate covered cashew butter “eggs”… But I did think that maybe it was time to make something nice for the grown-ups to enjoy after Easter dinner.

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How To Make Coloured Sugar

Coloured sugar is so pretty, isn’t it? It has the power to transform plain cookies and cupcakes into edible art!… Unfortunately most coloured sugars that I’ve found contain confectioner’s glaze or shellac, which is a resin secreted by the female Lac insect after she consumes tree bark. So I don’t buy them.
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Lemon Lavender Bundt Cake

Did you know that floral flavours are expected to trend in 2018? I rolled my eyes while reading this because, I’m not really a fan of them, but also they kind of intimidate me. It seems that too many times, I’ve experienced a lavender flavoured something-or-another that tasted soapy. Yuk…
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