Like a cool and creamy London Fog Latte! {vegan}

Earl Grey Ice Cream

Ever since I started dabbling in Earl Grey infused desserts, like these cookies and this cake, I’ve been dying to try an Earl Grey Ice Cream. Well, I’ve finally done it, and the results were amazing!

Like a cool and creamy London Fog Latte! {vegan}

Unlike with the cookies and cake, the Earl Grey flavour here is really bold and totally takes centre stage. This is due to a long steeping that transforms the coconut milk into kind of a super thick latte… So if you like those London Fog Lattes from the coffee shops, I’m pretty sure you’re going to love this ice cream.

If Earl Grey’s not really your thing, I understand (it can be kind of an acquired taste). Maybe I can interest you in a little Cookies & Cream instead?

Like a cool and creamy London Fog Latte! {vegan}

Like a cool and creamy London Fog Latte! {vegan}

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Earl Grey Ice Cream

Recipe Type: dessert
Makes: 1 liter (approx.)

Like a cool and creamy London Fog Latte! {vegan}

Like a cool and creamy London Fog Latte!


  • 2 (13.5oz/400ml) cans Coconut Milk (full fat), well shaken
  • 15 g Earl Grey Tea Leafs (I used Twinings)*
  • 2 tbsp Tapioca Starch
  • 2/3 cup Granulated Sugar
  • 1/8 tsp Salt
  • 1 tsp Vanilla Extract



In a medium saucepan, whisk the tea leafs into the coconut milk. Bring the coconut milk to just a simmer (whisking occasionally). Remove from heat and allow to steep for 1 hour at room temperature.

Pour coconut milk mixture through a sieve, pressing as much moisture out of the the leafs as possible. Discard leafs… There will still be a varying degree of tea leaf flecks. This is ok and adds visual interest.

In a medium saucepan, whisk together the coconut milk mixture, starch, sugar, and salt, until thoroughly combined.

Cook the coconut milk mixture until thickened and starting to bubble (should look like runny pudding), whisking frequently. Remove from heat and stir in the vanilla extract.

Pour into a clean container, cover and refrigerate until cold (about 4 hours, but I leave mine overnight).

Whisk the mixture to even out any lumps, then pour into an ice cream maker and freeze according to the manufacturer’s directions until it reaches a “soft-serve” consistency (I ran it in my machine for 25 minutes).

Transfer ice cream into a freezer friendly container, press plastic wrap directly onto the surface of the ice cream (this is to prevent ice from forming), and freeze until firm (at least 3 hours).


*Can use 15 grams of loose tea leafs or 7 tea bags… If using tea from bags, empty and discard the bags, so you can use the contents as a loose tea.


Like a cool and creamy London Fog Latte! {vegan}


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    1. Starr @ The Misfit Baker Post author

      I was actually surprised at how much flavour it has, and the citrusy notes of bergamot really came alive.

    1. Starr @ The Misfit Baker Post author

      Thank you, Pooja! I’m so flattered! 😊 However, as a rule, I don’t participate in blogging awards, so please pass it on to another blogger so you both can benefit from it.

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