Almond Meringue Kisses

These are not what I had set out to bake… This week, I saw in the paper, a lovely recipe for French Macaroons. They were accompanied by a gorgeous picture featuring these beautifully coloured cookies. Those are what I wanted to make. Knowing that French Macaroons depend on egg whites for structure, I’ve always just passed them by, but this time I glanced at the recipe and though that there must be a way to mimic that ingredient (didn’t Ener-G claim you could make meringue with their product?). So I figured I’d give it a try.

I do keep Ener-G in the cupboard, though I used it only a couple of times. I didn’t like the results I had with it in the past, and was skeptical that this was going to work in anyway shape or form. Still I persisted, finding myself intrigued and amused by the growth of some powder and water into meringue… Things were looking up!… I merrily piped my macaroons onto the cookie sheet and waited impatiently for the results… I was a little disappointed when they never developed “feet” (but could live with it). I was very disappointed to discover there texture was wrong… BOOOO!… I grabbed another one and sat down to pout. As I bit into it, I realized that I may have failed at macaroons, but I just succeeded in a pretty good meringue cookie… YAY!… The rest of the dough was quickly piped into “kisses”

I’m not done trying to make macaroons, but I suspect it’s going to take a lot of trial and error. In the meantime, I’ll have another Meringue Kiss.



Almond Meringue Kisses



Almond Meringue Kisses

1 cup Almond Flour

1 1/4 cups Icing Sugar

3 tbsp Ener-G Egg Replacer

1/2 cup Cold Water

1/4 tsp Vanilla Extract

Food Colouring (optional) (I used 1 drop of red)

1/4 cup Granulated Sugar


Preheat oven to 300°F and line a baking sheet with parchment paper.

Stir together the almond flour and  icing sugar (sift the sugar to get out the lumps). Set aside.

Fit your mixer with it’s whisk attachment. In a deep bowl, on medium, whip together the Ener-G, water, vanilla, and colouring (if using) until foamy. Turn the mixer up to high and continue to whip while gradually adding the granulated sugar. Keep whipping until stiff peaks form (I think it took me 7 or 8 minutes). Gently fold in the icing sugar mixture until thoroughly combined.

Fit pastry bag with star tip, and pipe “kisses” 2 inches apart on lined baking sheet. Bake for 20 – 30 minutes (depending on size). 25 minutes baked mine to shattery perfection right through, while 20 left a hint of chew in the center (if that’s your thing). Allow to cool completely on the sheet. Store in an air tight container.

This will make a lot of kisses, maybe around 50 or more.


8 thoughts on “Almond Meringue Kisses

  1. luminousvegans

    Yessss! I am so excited to try this. I’ve never had meringue pregan but have always been intrigued by it. I think it goes back to when I was young and read Amelia Bedelia books where she made lemon meringue things.

    1. Starr

      I loved meringue, pregan, especially lemon meringue pie. Now that I’ve learned how easy it was to make, I’ll have to that again… The Amelia Bedelia books were some of my favorites when I was a child! 😀

    1. Starr

      Thanks 🙂 … Like I said, I was skeptical, but you know, I found this easier than when I was using eggs. Who would have thought?

  2. Tina@flourtrader

    Macarons are very hard to make, in fact I have yet to develop any type of patience to start on that project! Cool that you were able to convert your batter into these tasty meringues. Very eye catching and I do love almond-yum!

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