Banana Muffins

I think I’m suffering from post New Year’s blues. The decorations are down, gifts are put away, no more “fa-la-la-la-la” in the background… Even baking seems bland after the holidays!

Searching for something to bake, I revisited some idea’s I’ve been tossing around, but felt uninspired by them. Besides, isn’t it still a little too soon for sweet treats?… I find that at times like this, simply looking at ingredients can help. So I peered in the baking cupboard and the pantry. Nothing… It was when I opened the refrigerator door that inspiration peeked her head around the corner. Today she took the form of some very black bananas (Dave’s been buying them like they’re going out of season, and the old ones keep ending up in the fridge). “Come to us”, they called. And I knew what to do. Muffins!

The actual muffin recipe is simple, healthy, and uses few ingredients. I added a streusel topping to jazz things up, but they are yummy with or without it.


Banana Muffin

Banana Muffins

1 cup All-Purpose Flour

3/4 cup Whole Wheat Flour

2 tsp Baking Powder

1/4 cup Pureed Banana

1/3 cup Maple Syrup

1/2 cup Non-Dairy Milk

1/4 cup Canola Oil


Pre-Heat oven to 400°F and line muffin tin with paper cups.

Prepare streusel topping (see below), if using. Set aside.

Stir together flours and baking powder. Set aside.

Blend bananas, syrup, milk, and oil until thoroughly combined. Pour into flour mixture and stir until just moistened.

Spoon batter into muffin cups (filling each about 2/3 full). If using, sprinkle streusel topping over batter.

Bake for 18 – 20 minutes, until an inserted toothpick comes out clean.

Cool muffins for 5 minutes before transferring to wire rack.



Streusel Topping

3 tbsp Oatmeal

2 tbsp Brown Sugar

1/4 tsp Cinnamon

2 tbsp Margarine

3 tbsp Chopped Pecans


Stir together the oatmeal, sugar, and cinnamon.

Cut in margarine, until it resembles coarse crumbs.

Stir in nuts.



5 thoughts on “Banana Muffins

  1. Tiffany

    My favorite thing in the whole world! I always buy a ton of overripe bananas, I like them that way and am always baking banana bread or banana pancakes for the girls.

    1. Starr

      You’re lucky to be able to find over ripe bananas (I’m jealous). Occasionally, I can find them on the discount rack, but usually our store only has them when they’re green. I play a lot of the waiting game.

  2. banana giraffes

    The things I’ve learnt about bananas today from visiting blogs-with-bananas-in(!)

    One even told me that bananas emit radioactivity! – true: K-40 they said… whatever that means.

    I’m not going near them again!

    (my job today: visiting blogs with bananas in!! we banana blogs must stick together!)

    1. Starr

      It’s too bad you feel this way. Unfortunately, eliminating bananas from your life isn’t going to keep you safe from external sources of radiation. It’s all around us, from the materials we build our homes with, to the foods we nourish ourselves with, to our companions.

      I first heard about radiation and bananas on an episode of The Angry Hippie’s Podcast. He was talking to a scientist who mentioned it. She said that this naturally occurring radiation was nothing for us to worry about, and to keep eating bananas. We get a bigger dose of radiation from x-rays and air travel.

      For a light and informative lesson about radiation (where it comes from and why it’s not always harmful), I encourage you to check out the page pasted below.

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