Adopting An Animal Companion

There are times when the shelter which I volunteer for, gets quite populated. So many animals, all looking for attention, that it can be easy to over look a few. That’s what it was like in January… I was lavishing attention upon one of the long term residents, when I felt a paw on my leg. I looked down, and saw it was coming out from one of the kennels. I hadn’t even noticed a cat there. Crouching down I found a scruffy kitty, with a mouth (what was left of it) being held together with pegs, and one squinty infected eye. It was love at first sight, and I soon found that this affection was returned. When he was release into the general cat population, he would follow me everywhere. I hated to leave him, and one day Dave told me to bring him home.

HarveyHarvey Dent, my handsome feline friend

To many he was damaged goods. I heard people call him ugly. But he’s clever, and funny, and loving. And shouldn’t that be more important than his missing lip… Some people come to the shelter looking for the “perfect” dog or cat. Perfect seems to means, looks like new and doesn’t have a strong personality. They’re individuals, they’re going to have personalities. They’ve been abandoned, many have lived on the streets, several have been mistreated or have had serious injuries, they’re not going to look fresh faced and new… Next time you’re ready to adopt, visit your local shelter, not with the intention to choose, but to see if anyone chooses you. If it doesn’t happen, try a different day or a different shelter. It’s worth it. The love you will receive from a furry friend who chose you, is so much more rewarding than “owning” the perfect cat or dog.


“If having a soul means being able to feel love and loyalty and gratitude, then animals are better off than a lot of humans”

– James Herriot

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