A Speech For Mother Earth by Morten Wolf Storeide

We are all human beings.

All people, You, me, our neighbors.

No matter where You live in this world,

if it is in Africa or South-America,

if it is in Asia or Europe, Australia or North-America,

we are all sisters and brothers in humanity.


All people of the world.

Whether rich or poor,

whether color, religion, culture or political conviction,

all residents on this one planet,

our home – Mother Earth.


The time is now for us to carry her

As she has carried and provided us through all times.

It is time for us as the human race to give something in return.

We really don`t want to give our next generations

a planet in such a condition that there will not be any hope for survival?

If we all, each and one of us go deep inside ourselves and in our heart are honest

towards ourselves:

I do not think, I am sure that the answer would be a universal NO,

we do not want this.


In our heart we want peace, happiness, love and a healthy planet. We all hunger

for it. This I think is a universal wish, but still this wish is hidden and also forgot.

Caused by our own development and hunger for higher standard of living.

And the direction of our development and hunger is soon, very soon going to

destroy both us and our planet.

We cannot stop the development but we can change its direction,

And we can change our ways.


To make this happen, to make humanity and Mother Earth smile again,

we must unite in a universal one.

We must put politics, religion, economy and envy away, together with our ego

Then each and every one of us will be able to go inside ourselves and find

the universal force called love.

When we find love towards ourselves we will be able to love

what is around us both people and nature.

And we must stop our war against nature.


Mother Earth is crying

She is shivering in fear of loosing all her entrails.

As we dig and drill to get hold of what we think is right

towards a higher standard of living.

Mother Earth Is crying

and soon she will not have any tears left,

And then it will be to late.


Time has come to unite and stand together in one last universal battle.


A battle without guns and weapons

A battle without rage, hate and killing

A battle without power as a goal.


In this last battle our only “weapon” is love.

Love towards humanity, Love towards Mother Earth

Love towards our coming generations.

Please, I ask You please each and every one of you

around the world, take each other hands lift them high

and make a prayer for our continuing existence

while The World Drum sings her song

and we feel her heartbeat


It is the heartbeat of Mother Earth

It is our heartbeat,

from each and every one all over the world

It is the heartbeat of life itself.


Let us make this heartbeat be able to continue.


“As The World Drum travels the heartbeat gets stronger each day. It is the sound of heartbeat and life itself.”


Written by Morten Wolf Storeide

The WorldDrum Project